Right Connect, Right Referral, Right Career Planning with friends and the world around you on NicheHands

About Us

Nichehands 100% owned by its chairman and promoter's. Unique visionaries joined to transform human life in right direction by providing right connectivity. We welcome the investor community to part of our rapid growing business.

Nichehands connects different hands to get right referrals, right data and right guidance in day-to-day life. We connects hands across world, across verticals, across peoples for their regular life in Business referrals, Job queries, Chatting, Carrier planning, education, travel, healthcare, agriculture, politics in one page.

Today's life requires referrals every ware to make the things comfort ability. We delivers all at one place at your convenient. The uniqueness of nichehands is connect right peoples with right referrals.


Transform human life through referrals.


Innovate cutting-edge transformations for simpler human life.


  • Trust & Respect
  • Corporate Governance
  • Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Social responsibility
  • Accountability

Leadership Team

Nichehands is committed to deliver innovations for tomorrow to keep human life simpler, faster, easier and joyful. The leadership team has rich innovative expertise to build organization and running profitability across the world.