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Version Info - June 22, 2013

We at NicheHands congratulate and convey our thanks for choosing NicheHands and its products. The Referral network services provided by NicheHands located in, 16th Cross, 8th Main, 6th Sector, HSR Layout, Bangalore - 560 102, India.

Our referral connectivity is aimed to provide the references, contacts, business / marketing contacts, vendor information's, right suggestions, articles, anonymous posts, industry information's collected from forums, newspapers and or any other form of publically available information's to you for free or paid services. By logging-in to our services you agree our terms and conditions.


Usage of each services in our network may apply different terms and conditions. You must follow and accept the Terms & Conditions of each services.

We at NicheHands congratulate and convey our thanks for choosing NicheHands and its products.The Referral network services provided by NicheHands located in, 16th Cross, 8th Main, 6th Sector, HSR Layout,Bangalore - 560 102, India.

Please do not misuse the services provided. You need to take care of your country specific social media usage law. In case you are connected or in any form of usage of any other country specific data (information's, contacts, Posts, articles or any other form) must follow that country specific law & beliefs. you are not authorized to access any data, interfere with our services, replicating our services, using any of material, document, photos, any other information's is prohibited. The user hold no ownership of data or content in our service.


Your privacy is important to us. We keep all means to keep your privacy safe with us. By using our services you agree that NicheHands allowed to use your personal data for refer, suggest and deliver right content for you. You agree that NicheHands can you your personal data not limited to above said purposes. For more details about Privacy Policy


You are not authorized to use, access or copy any of the Intellectual properties, Design, Coding, Photos / Images, plug-ins or any other material outside our service. All the usages must be within our services provided to you. You can access and use all the contents for your personal use only. Any other form of usage which meant for business purposes requires prior approval from us.

Service Termination

We will make sure that our services helps in your day-day life. All our focus is running the services in all the circumstances. But we may stop the services any time without notice. We do not guarantee any loss of informations you maintained with us. We take highest care to maintain the services & inform you incase of stopping the service.

Personal data

While using our services your personal data is safe with us.We make sure all means understudied by us to keep you data confidential & personal. But incase if your personal data is accessed or hacked by someone we do not hold any responsibility.


We work hard to restrict the advertisements may harm your beliefs, irrelevant and or any other form of disturbances. But in such case we do not hold any responsibility. You can raise the issue to our admin and we work to resolve & improve your user experience. We guarantee no timeline or quality on the same.


You are not authorized to publish any misleading information's or articles which has impacts on our business direct or in-direct way. We understand that Press rights were axis of freedom. We are cautious by confirming informations before it creates impacts. You need to confirm your understanding before publishing any informations that affects our business directly or indirectly.


The usage of our services were permitted globally. We understand that the law varies country to country. We do not hold any responsibility to ensure that our services matches into your country specific law. In such misuse occurs we will resolve the issue once it's raised to us. We do not guarantee any timeline or completeness of the issue. But we take highest care to ensure our services are fit within your framework.

Any violation of above said terms & conditions is strictly prohibited. Legal suite filled by third party will be your sole responsibility of yours. We hold no responsibility in this regard. User and the issue rapture agree that you will not refer, take-out any material in our service or persons from NicheHands for your legal proceedings. We provide the service usage on your sole responsibility.